Patryk Sieczyński


We are a dedicated team of photographers formed to capture unique images and reflect it in wide spectrum of photography. Customer’s satisfaction is our priority and we treat every individual Client as someone special who expects to receive a tailored product that sets the latest trends in modern photography.

The creators of this artistic team are University graduates for whom photography and computer graphic have become a passion, and seeing the world through the lens, a way of life. We cannot deny that we are committed to this passion.

Today’s photography has became a science combining the capture of photons via the latest digital camera, influenced with a computer graphic and a cutting edge technology that was unknown a few years ago. This puts everything in a different perspective and creates new challenges. The photography we present is carefully processed and detailed using the latest computer programs to enhance the management of natural color balance.

Using our experience, creativity and sophisticated sense of photographic art we provide our clients with a committed service that is second to none and meet their expectations in any subject or category.

Patryk Sieczyński

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Kreatorzy Fotografii to oryginalna grupa fotograficzna. Zajmujemy się kreowaniem wizerunku firm i osób prywatnych w zakresie szeroko pojętego obrazowania. Nasz specjalności jest Fotografia ślubna Gdańsk i Zdjęcia ślubne Gdańsk. Nie ograniczamy się jednak tylko do miasta Gdańsk, nasze usługi świadczymy także na terenie Trójmiasta i całego województwa pomorskiego. Naszym mottem przewodnim jest przede wszystkim tworzenie nowych trendów w fotografii... fotografia ślubna Gdańsk, Trójmiasto, Pomorskie. Zapraszamy do współpracy! Fotografia ślubna Gdańsk, Fotografia ślubna Trójmiasto, Zdjęcia ślubne Gdańsk, Zdjęcia ślubne Trójmiasto.
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